Eric Hobsbown said .If one man has no ambition for better world, he must lose something important.・ Every educator to .Education・ has his own beautiful place in his dream. Although he said .With dream and hope, the world is beautiful,・ weather you make dream come true, it depends on you to hole on every feasible opportunity.

I. .In theirs own way・ and . No child left behind・
Though .in theirs own way・ and . no child left behind・ are the educational thoughts that Confucius insisted 2500 years ago, the .no child left behind・ is still the highest goal for educators nowadays. In order to reach the goal, the practical way is merely .in theirs own way・. And .in theirs own way・ could generalize for three meanings:
1. The education of applicable character- the education that suits individual character.
2. The education of applicable capacity-the education that suits individual capacity.
3. The education of applicable time- the education that suits the time of learning.

∈. Do the thing right & Do the right thing・
Facing the tempestuous day, the composition of the school has been changed. Therefore, the leader of the school must deal it with bright new attitude and wide-view. I・ve been expecting myself to think and work out the lead of the administration, the curriculum, and the teaching of the school with wide-attitude. I hope to draw centripetal force of the members efficiently, and create a warm and professional culture of school. Through it, I think it could raise the quality of the education and the learning effect of the students and make the school efficient. According that, I remand myself . Do the thing right, and do the right thing.

Keliao, with a long story, was still an ocean 300 years ago. Seven big family in Keliao bought this new polder with 1200 dayuan (a kind of money) in 1820.This has been proved by old land-contract. The name of Keliao includes three villages, Baoji, Kunjiang, and Dongbi.

1) Touqian temple (Baoan temple) protects all people in the village. Chi Wangye is deified by people and the Plague God Boat had its own meaning of history. Daitian Temple at Nankunshen is the largest and oldest temple in Taiwan. The building of the temple is marvelous and people love praying there. It is also a famous second-grade historical site.

2) You can find an arterial high way and street map that is about Keliao and introduces the bureau, scenic spot, important construction and river.

3) The mangroves around the sea have the various ecological environment. It contains abundant sights of fish, shrimps, shellfishes, crabs, birds and plants.

4) For having a good time, you still need the information of the tide and special meteorology.

5) Aquaculture industry is all life of resident. Milkfish, Boleophthalmus chinensis, Scylla, and Giant tiger prawn are the main contains.

6) The graduator, Qiu Lian-Hong, collects 100 episodes of proverbs about fishing-village. Welcome everyone to appreciate the local pomes.

7) Let・s count the younglings and sing the song. The artist, Tong Hong, is famous.

8) The activity about decorating Keliao with couplets is to greet the constitution of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area.

9) The Salt industry had become a history and we could not see the Salt Field in Keliao. However, there are still many capable people in this area. The literature and art are auspicious nowadays.

10) Reserving the orientation and understanding the elder people are important in Keliao. The history of black-foot disease is deeply hidden in our memory.

11) Abandoned fish ponds were craved to be Baoan Park, through the plan of the residents and the immingle of the tradition and modern skills.

12) The award of Xin Xue Hong and Guo Jing Hong is set to encourage students being diligent.

13) The successive principals and teachers culture and educate lots of excellent students.

14) The School-Based curriculum is basic on local culture. We cooperate with the community development fellowship to create a halcyon future.