<A Talent Show On Mother’s Day>  六甲

T: Good morning, class!

S: Good morning, Teacher!

T: We are going to have a talent show on Mother’s Day.

   What can you do well?

Jack: I can sing.

Tina: I can dance.

Larry: I can play the flute.

May: I can dance, too.

(After some minutes, students decide to dance.)

T: Great! You have a week to prepare for this show.

(Students practice for the talent show after school every day.)

Tina: I am afraid that I can’t dance well.

May: Don’t worry. Practice makes perfect.

(On Mother’s Day)

T: Are you ready for the talent show?

S: Yes!

T: Ok! Let’s go!

Larry: Don’t be nervous!

Others: Ok!

(Students start to dance. And they dance very well!)

T: Good job! You are great!

S: Now I believe the old saying” Practice makes perfect.”


<Mother’s Birthday>  五甲

Bill: Where is Mom? Where is Mom?

Jack: She is in the kitchen.

Tina: Look at the calendar.

Bill, Jack, Tina: Today is Mom’s birthday!

Bill: Let’s celebrate for her.

Jack, Tina: Good idea.

Bill, Jack, Tina: Dad! Do you remember Mom’s birthday?

Dad: Sure! Let me see. Oh! Today is your mom’s birthday.

Bill, Jack, Tina: Right! Let’s give her a surprise!

(Three children and Dad go out to buy gifts.)

(It’s time for dinner.)

Mom: Bill, Jack, Tina, where are you?

Bill, Jack, Tina: Here we are!

Mom: Dinner is ready. We can eat dinner.

Bill, Jack, Tina: Yummy! Yummy! Dinner is yummy!

             Mom, you are great!

Mom: Thank you. You can eat more!

(After dinner, Dad and Mom are in the living room. Bill, Jack and Tina go to their rooms to take out Mom’s birthday gifts. Suddenly, the living room is dark.)

Bill, Jack, Tina: (sing) Happy Birthday to you……

Dad: The cake is for you!

Bill, Jack, Tina: And these gifts are for you.

Mom: Wow! I am surprised!

All: Happy Birthday to you!

Tina: Wait a minute! There is still a big card.

Bill, Jack, Tina: Dear Mom,

             You are the best mom.

              We love you.

              Happy Birthday!

Mom:  Thank you, my family!


<Being a good son or daughter is about not making your parents worry>四甲

(Three little pigs lived with their mother. Bill is the first pig. He likes to eat and sleep all day. Tim is the second pig. He likes to play and fish all day. Bob is the third pig. He always helps his mother.)

Mom: You are big now. You have to make your house.

Bill: What? Make a house?

Tim: I don’t know how.

Bob: Really? Hurray!

Bill: I want to make my house with straw.

Tim: I want to make my house with wood.

Bob: I will make a brick house.

Bill and Tim: You must spend a lot of time to make your house.

Bob: But my house will be very strong. The wolf can’t come in.

Bill: Who’s scared of the wolf? Let’s go! Let’s play!

(Several days later~~~Bob finished his house.>

<A wolf is running after Tim and Bill>

Mom: Bob, your house is very strong. You are great.

Bob: Thank you, Mom.

Mom: The wolf won’t blow it down. Bill, Tim, you should learn to make you safe. Do you understand?

Bill and Tim: Yes, we do.

Mother: If you are well, I won’t be worried about you.

Bill and Tim: Mom, we see.


(Being a good son or daughter is about not making your parents worry.)


<My Family> 三甲


(Willy, Bella and Ken are playing at Lily’s home. They are very happy.)

Lily: Let’s go to my room. I’ll show you something special.

Willy, Bella and Ken: Sounds a good idea.

Willy: Look! There is a big picture on the wall.

Bella: Who is he?

Lily: He is my brother.

Ken: Is this your father?

Lily: Right!

Willy and Ken: Your father and brother are so cool.

Bella: Who is she? She is very beautiful and young.

Willy: I guess she is your sister.

Lily: No, she is my mother. My sister is over there.

Willy, Bella, Ken: I can’t believe. (At the same time)

(All sing a song:” My Family”)